Web Design

If you are looking for a web design company that excels in providing best quality website design for corporate and small business you have come to the right place. Our web site design and development consultants provide professional web pages that are not only good looking but focus on business success. We believe that allowing our customers to have affordable custom web design is their step into understanding the power of the web. If you believe that your web design is not working for you, call us and work with a website design company that will redesign your webpage and help you succeed.

Websites have become the most popular way of marketing your company at affordable rates. Your web site is your virtual office.

Why websites with us ?

While implementing your web site, we keep in mind what your users want, because the backbone of your online success are your visitors, and the visitors will be responsive if your website is designed well. It should be appealing to the eye and make customers want to stay and look for more information. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative and effective solutions that are designed to streamline processes, build relationships, facilitate and generate revenue.

If you think you need a reasons for having a Web site, here are some:

  1. Helps customers to understand your services and provide information.
  2. Can be accessed 24*7/365 days & advertises your business.
  3. Easy to provides information on sales & promotions or even update customers.
  4. Saves cost of advertising.
  5. Web site can reach a large number of customers/clients.
  6. Promote brands and corporate identity.

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Custom Design

We at Keyona create websites that are:

  1. Effective and have an appealing layout
  2. Has easy accessibility of information
  3. User friendly to customers
  4. Quick to load pages
  5. Search engine friendly

We provide with 3 different custom, professional website Design Templates for your website.


Call us at: (416) 619 7732 to discuss !!

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Website Redesign

It is time for you to redesign if your website is not:

  1. Serving its purpose
  2. Not professional looking
  3. Is not reaching the right audience
  4. Not compatible to search engines
  5. The site is not user friendly with ease of navigation
  6. Pages are not fast loading

Our website redesigning service provides you with:

  1. Custom graphics to spice up your site
  2. Completely redesign your website with a fresh look
  3. Provide you with custom design templates for your site
  4. Tune-up your rankings on major search engines

Our website redesign service will help you to get the results that you have always wanted from your website.


Call us at: (416) 619 7732 to discuss !!

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Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance service includes:

  1. Provide regular updates for your website
  2. Create new sections and pages for your site
  3. Make database and other programming edits
  4. Provide monitoring services of eCommerce systems
  5. Metatags and Keywords to improve search engine ratings
  6. Keep track of your site's statistics
  7. ... and much more

A successful web site needs to be updated regularly. It is important to update the information and to make sure functionality is maintained on your site as often as possible which actively promotes your business. Web site maintenance & promotion is an essential part of Internet marketing strategy for a web site.


Call us at: (416) 619 7732 to discuss !!

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