Business Identity

A corporate image is very important even if the company is using a virtual location or a small business with home office. Your image is measured against your logo, stationery and other business promotions viewed by end users who could go on to become your future clients but has taken this step because of the first image that they see of you which comes from your website, logos, stationeries or other promotions. The rest is your work that takes you through your success.

Why business identity with us ?

We have helped manage and build companies from scratch (new companies or small business) to becoming full blown corporates but alongwith this comes an image building. If a company has to recycle their image during a growth phase because it was poorly thought out or is not good enough it takes out of the valuable time and costs more to send the message of rebranding to their clients. This time and money could have been spend on growing the company. Because of our experience we set this inplace for you.

We have the following business identity programs you would like to look at:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Stationery Designs
  3. Business Promotions

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Logo design is the way you want the others to see your company. Logo is the image which represents a company or its product. Its function is to create a memorable, recognizable impression on the mind of a potential client or customer. Your logo helps to:

  1. Establishes your identity
  2. Creates an everlasting impression
  3. Be appealing to potential consumers
  4. Be simple, unique and legible

There are three basic types of logos, which can be used alone or combined within one design:

  • illustrative logos (a logo which clearly illustrates what your company does)
  • graphic logos (a logo that includes a graphic, often an abstraction, of what your company does), and
  • font-based logos (a text treatment which represents your company)

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Stationery Design

Professionally designed stationery adds credibility to your business so that your customers will remember your services/products when they may be required. It will become part of your promotional campaign when handing out your business card, every time you send a letter helping to reinforce your brand and make you popular.

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes

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Business Promotion

Business promotions will help you broaden your market, bring brand/product awareness and brand identity (trust) to your products. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

  • Brochure / Postcards / Banners / Flyers
  • Personalized Stationery (Pens, Mugs etc.) - as Gifts
  • Calendars / Table Tents
  • Cusomt Apparel (T-Shirt / Caps) Printing

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Build your image and brand with the help of custom logo, stationery, brochure, banners and more. Our experienced professional designers will provide you with the most creative graphic design solutions.