IT Consulting & Software Development
Keyona, Inc. is a premier provider of technology consulting services and solutions. Despite our short corporate existence, we are recognized for providing quality and exceptional services.

Keyona intends to lead the Information Technology Industry with innovative and technologically advanced consulting solutions.We help our clients through our network of businesses by leveraging our technological expertise, key relationships and partnerships in conjunction with industry knowledge and strong customer focus. We identify their important business and technological opportunities and help them capitalize on it. We are proud of developing and maintaining long-term client relationships and believe this is a testimony to our success in regarding our clients as business partners. We have sustained these relationships by continually striving to understand and exceed each client's expectation.

Our business growth depends on keeping our clients -- hopefully forever -- as we seek out and engage new clients. Our commitment to professional excellence and business partnership is, and will continue to be, our paramount objective. This commitment represents our explicit assurance of quality performance.

We will deliver what we promise on time, within budget, and with superior quality. We provide these services in the major cities of United States (USA): New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Florida, Texas, Boston, New Jersey and more; in Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan and more.

Our belief is that sustainable reinvention requires a holistic approach. By this, Keyona will ensure that the essential components of a healthy business system are synchronized and full supportive of our reinvention goals:

Strategy. Keyona has traditionally excelled at developing product strategies and marshaling resources to pursue them. Our highly decentralized structure enables us to move quickly. In the Internet Age, it is clear that we must maintain this speed. At the same time, our value to customers lies not only in individual services, but in delivering solutions.

Structure. To deliver on our strategy, Keyona will continually raise our performance to higher levels in terms of how we serve customers and how quickly we turn inventive ideas into world-class solutions. This allows Keyona to create superior customer experiences, while committing focused resources to developing superior technology solutions. For leverage, our consultants will collaborate closely on key areas of product planning, solutions creation, and share important operational and financial goals.

Culture. Keyona will soon be admired for our culture; a performance meritocracy with an informal environment and a firm belief that every community in which our consultants live and work should benefit by our presence. For decades to come, the Keyona way will serve as a guide for how principles shape actions. We will distinguish our company by these actions as well as the building of meaningful careers, rather than simply jobs, for our employees. Keyona management believes quite strongly that our culture, our principles, and our way of treating each other create unique advantages: in serving our customers and in allowing us to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees. These advantages set us apart and we intend to cultivate and nurture them.